Young Quantum Social Scientists at SONAR 2023

Our Inspiration

When a song moves people’s feelings or thoughts, we know that moment is life changing for the artist creator. For technology this is no different.

We took the transition of the synthesizer, which went from a big and cumbersome room size machine, into affordable and small devices used by many artists alike. Innovation went viral, and new music genres were created, and the sound of entire generations was shaped.

Composing the road

We mean to enable access to a Quantum Science experience. ProTon3 does it by liberating this kind of interaction, out of expensive and complex laboratories, to something way more practical and playful.

The ProTon3 is a Quantum Audio Synthesizer. Many audio synthesizers get their voice from a Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO), which transforms electricity into a sound wave function. This function can be sent to speakers and listened straight away, or it can be modulated with different devices to get more complex sounds.

With ProTon3, we take a quantum experiment and solve it in the context of the Schrödinger equation. By doing so, we can computationally create and manipulate the environment a particle lives in. With this environment interaction, we can visualize and explain some of the most mind-bending quantum effects, like superposition, tunneling or entanglement.

Every person interacting will be able to hear and see an audiovisual representation of these phenomena, and we plan to let people interact with different elements of Quantum Science.

This experience as a whole, is meant to be sensorial, but also insightful. We will gather every person’s feeling and experiences when they listen to the quantum sound wave and see the images presented to them.

At the end of the event, we will collect all the produced independent sound waves and all the feelings to create a hybrid song: a collaboration between math, quantum, data science, individuals, and artistic audiovisual creation.

We are looking for a partner!

Do you also feel inspired by the project? We are currently looking for talented individuals or collectives who are eager to help us and take this project further. Whether you have experience in music making or in interactive exhibitions, we welcome you to be part of our vision.


Our intention is to co-create an amazing and unique experience that could transform music and push forward quantum science, artistic collaboration, and social development in a new, disruptive, and unexpected way.

Group members

Fabian Gerhold is pursuing a degree in Politics and Technology. Fabians brings his own innovation experience which he received in his work in Startup and Innovation Management and during his work for a Startup in Israel. Fabian’s fascination with Quantum comes from the huge potential of Quantum Computing. He is convinced that Quantum could approve of every person’s life. He believes bringing the discourse closer to the public and making it accessible to non-experts is important for people to lose their fear of the technology. With an interactive audiovisual experience, this goal could be reached according to him.

Eden Castaneira Rios is pursuing a Master’s degree in Politics and Technology. He is interested in showcasing Quantum technologies’ promises for the greater good. He currently works as a consultant for the United Nations and also in the German private sector to develop technological solutions both in  business and human rights. Eden’s experience on innovation focusing on the technology’s role in furthering human rights, management and sustainability efforts, feeds into his vision for the coming project. Eden is interested in addressing a societal question by offering the audience of this project a sensory experience, through art and quantum elements. He is committed to the positive reception of Quantum science in the wider public.

José Dias is a master student in mathematics specializing in data science. Driven by his endless curiosity, José taught himself the fascinating principles of the quantum world. Now, José finds himself at a unique intersection of his academic pursuits and his passion for music producing. Drawing inspiration from his background in data science and his love for quantum technologies, he seeks to forge an innovative connection between the two worlds. By harnessing the intrinsic nature of quantum wave functions, he intends to sculpt sounds that transcend the limits of traditional synthesis, resulting in sound experiences that resonate with an ethereal, otherworldly quality. José’s combination of expertise in mathematics, data science, and quantum principles positions him at the vanguard in the emerging field of quantum music, striving to bridge the gap between science and art.

For partnerships with ProTon3 project group members can be contacted individually.

For further information on Young Quantum Social Scientists initiative you can contact the head of the initiative (Fabienne Marco) at or check this page.