The Young Quantum Social Scientists is an initiative, which started in the winter semester of 2022 and is open to all students from Munich Universities. Each cohort includes approximately 20 students. As Quantum Technologies are essential for the future of communication, sensing, and computation, the initiative offers students the opportunity to work on their projects with the Quantum Social Lab.  Within the first phase, the main challenge will be identifying the relevant and most promising emerging topics and developing strategies to approach these challenges.


The initiative meets every week in the TUM Think Tank starting from the winter semester. 

Why should I be part of it?

The Young Quantum Social Scientists offer the opportunity to work on real problems, tackling the challenges of tomorrow!

We hope to build exciting projects together with you- while you can use the network of the Quantum Social Lab and the TUM Think Tank to shape the initiative, organize events or start taking your first steps in the direction of professional research. 

We also offer thesis and praxis projects within the study programs of Politikwissenschaften, Politics&Technology, Mathematics in Data Science, and Data Engineering.


If you are interested in joining please contact fabienne.marco@tum.de