The Quantum Social Lab is a bottom-up initiative aiming to develop research and study opportunities and a network connecting researchers, research initiatives, and students worldwide. There are different ways of contributing to our growing Social Science Lab. Find other possibilities here!


We are always open to collaborations and research ideas. In case you have questions regarding ongoing research projects, project ideas or are interested in collaborative research, please contact us!



We offer different courses in cooperation with the chair of Public Policy, Governance and Innovative Technologies. Check out the courses of the last semesters here.  For the upcoming winter semester we offer two seminars:

  1. Quantum Technologies in Theory and Praxis (Master Seminar)
  2.  Mathematical, Physical and Algorithmic Basics of Quantum Computing (Bachelor and Master Seminar; interdisciplinary study area)

Student's Initiatives

One goal within the Quantum Social Lab is to encourage students to explore their abilities and foster development of skills useful in a post quantum era. 

As part of this mission we are starting a new cohort of the Young Quantum Social Scientists each semester. We support there the next generation of scientists to realize their own events and projects with guidance and some funding. Find more details on the Young Quantum Social Scientists here.

Student Assistants

We are always looking for dedicated student assistants wanting to help us in shaping the future of the Quantum Social Lab as well. In case you are interested in working as a student assistant at the Quantum Social Lab please contact